Prototype Amber Project for Children/Adults

Donated: May 22, 2019
Catalog #: 0029

Teaching Children about the enchantment of amber. It is similar to going into a world of fantasy possibly like being on another planet.

My purpose is for adults and children to explore creating the color of amber (food coloring) and consistency (clear Elmers glue with food coloring added) - Amazing resin, while watching organic and inorganic elements becoming entombed (Insect drawings and dead plants and insects) in this resin forever. A look into a distant world in which we never knew.

This activity displays art and science. Both of these activities spark the creative mind.

Supplies: Clear Cups / Food Coloring - red & yellow pipe cleaners - Drawings/dead plants/insects

Trees that amber comes from: araucaria trees in mesozoic. For us amber represents delicate spider webs entombed.