On the first floor of The Graduate Center, our newly designed Object Library offers both material objects and books as starting points for knowledge.

Somewhere between a sculpture gallery and a library, The Object Library displays selected objects alongside curated books on related themes. These material artifacts provide the starting points for conversation and shared speculation and, chosen carefully, they convey a taste of what goes on inside the Graduate Center. The visitor will be able to sample scientific knowledge and the latest thinking in the humanities in a relaxed environment with a focus on material culture.

In the Press:

Read about The Object Library at the Graduate Center, CUNY and collaboration with artist Richard Woods in Interior Design Magazine:

“What do we want from a library these days?” Sculptor Keith Wilson is exploring this question as director of a new initiative for the Center of the Humanities at the Graduate Center, CUNY. Called the Object Library, it’s a collection of wares and goods, as well as books, that Wilson says will “point to other ways we can learn about the world.” Read the full article here.

Release/Fine print:

We invite members of the GC community, as well as the general public, to donate one object to the Center for Humanities’ 365 Things project ––a dynamic and evolving art installation originated and curated by the Center’s Director, sculptor Keith Wilson.

When you contribute your one thing––no bigger than your head––to the 365 Things project, your non-deductible donation becomes part of the research resources of The Object Library. By donating your thing and story to the project, it becomes a constituent part of The Object Library, and you agree––without restriction or objection––to their use for future research and display, which may include their use in facilitated events, classes, and an online catalog.

Due to the public nature of the project, and how we anticipate the public will engage with the objects, we cannot guarantee that your thing will be returned to you at the conclusion of the exhibition.

Thank you in advance for your support of this creative effort and for sharing your story and your thing.